The purest waters and the most beautiful landscapes. Experience the freshness and beauty of the different lagoons surrounding the area of Chetumal at first hand. Relaxation will only be interrupted by fun. Know more
All along the rio hondo riverside you'll be able to find adventures you never imagined. Beautiful streams, gorgeous "virgin" spots, settlements that offer activities filled with adrenaline, and endless unforgettable experiences. Know more
Fundamental pieces of history that take us further than any textbook could ever do. Discover and experiment at first hand everything the old mayans bequeathed us in all their different archeological sites and pyramids located all over the region and get dazzled by the impressive structures that let us understand how advanced this mysterious civilization really got to be. Know more
Traditional and not-so-traditional beach experiences. Visiting the diverse beaches located in the southern part of the state, using Chetumal as a start-up point, you can find the most beautiful landscapes adjacent to the caribbean sea. Know more
Wonders that are part of national and international pride. Visit one of the different touristic spots that were given the title of national parks due to the stunning beauty, biological diversity or natural richness they possess. Know more

What to eat...

Chetumal and the south of the state offer a vast variety of local, national and international gastronomy. From little stalls offering traditional mexican "antojitos" to international food restaurants, or regional dishes to discover, you can't stop trying all the different culinary options Chetumal puts within your reach. Whatever your craving is, you'll find something to satisfy it.

Where to sleep...

In Chetumal and its surrounding areas you'll be able to find ideal accommodations for any type of trip you're on. ¿What kind of trip is yours? The south of Quintana Roo counts with diverse staying options, from great hotels, perfect for relaxing vacations with the family to camping zones and cabins for the adventurous travelers that are looking for the unknown. Whatever your plan is, you'll surely find a place to stay that will fit perfectly.

What to do...

No vacations would be complete without the new experiences that the diverse adventure and recreative activities we have prepared for you provide. Adventure activities such as zip lining or rapel will give you the best memories to tell everybody when you get home, while aquatic activities will amuse and surprise you and your whole family.


Such colorful and lively lands as the ones located on the south of Quintana Roo generate the most gorgeous postcards, portraits of unforgettable moments in wonderful spots with colors that transmit us emotions so vivid as if we were right in the place and time. Photographs that capture a small fraction of everything the south has to offer.