The boulevard’s train offers an excellent way to quickly go through the most relevant and characteristic places of Chetumal’s seafront. In a 25 min (approx.) tour, you’ll enjoy beautiful night-time landscapes supplied by the bay while you go over the main esplanade, the fisherman’s fountain, the historic lighthouse (currently, nautical museum), the concha acústica, the state congress, the delightful natural resort “Dos mulas”, among some other important spots.

This is a tour that is ideal to just let go and enjoy the simple beauty of feeling comfortable at a place full of nice, warm hearted people, such as Chetumal. If you come with your family, this is an attraction that the little ones will definitely love, and with the idea of supporting inclusion all the time, this service is pet friendly, and it also counts with a car that can take up to 2 wheelchairs, so nobody (not even pets) misses this awesome experience.

Regardless of whether you are local or visiting Chetumal for the very first time, this is a ride you can’t miss, because no matter how long we’ve been living in this beautiful city, the fresh nature of our boulevard is something that never gets old.

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