Different waters, different experiences.

If there is anything about the surrounding area that you should know its that there are numerous places to swim. In the city there are numerous alternatives in order to satisfy any style preferred, whether it be sports, vacation or just relaxation.

Within the city you have the option of visiting one of the numerous sports clubs that have their own pools or if you prefer a more natural body of water you can visit one of the artificial beaches that can be found along the bay’s boulevard. If what you seek is a more isolated area do not hesitate to travel to one of the many waterways located on the city’s periphery. Sweet water lagoons and crystalline waters such as Bacalar or Laguna Milagros, deep and mysterious sinkholes such as Cenote Azul, or the refreshing beaches of Mahahual are available to you. Bays, rivers, sinkholes, lagoons, sea and pools are available for a refreshing dip during your visit in Chetumal.



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