The statue of Andres Quintana Roo stands upon an inverted pyramid surrounded by a semicircular wall, who’s top half forms another semicircle which points to the heavens. The statue shows the insurgent hero standing tall, serious, with a hand upon his chest and the other holding a book, due to his poetic soul, that of a writer and liberator.

 Andres Quintana Roo was destined to participate in the Independence of Mexico from the very beginning a liberationist soul grew in him. His father, Matias Quintana participated in the movement of The San Juanistas in Yucatan in 1802. This group sought out the suppression of indian serfdom and the Spanish Crowns privileges.

Quintana Roo was a member of the Chilpancingo Congress, presided over the Constitutional Assembly that formulated the Declaration of independence and participated in the war as part of the insurgent group. Later he became a senator and then president of the Supreme Court of Justice and Secretary of Foreign Affairs during Valentin Gomez Farias governorship.

 The monument is located on the crossing of Alvaro Obregon and Insurgentes avenue.


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