Without a doubt, the Fisherman Fountain is a must see for every visitor, after its recent remodel it has turned into a great photo opportunity.

 Located on the Bays Boulevard close to the Flag Promenade, this location has a particular charm, besides the attention its touristic infrastructure commands, it generates a feeling of belonging for the inhabitants, in part due to the words inscribed on it “Chetumal. Mexico begins here”.

 Surrounded by a fountain, a wooden walkway leads into the bay. Standing tall in front of a large artesanal clock, The Fisherman, with his casting net in hand, is ready to catch the chihua that are found on the the pile of stones. This monument is a creation that the sculptor. Rosa Maria Ponzanelli, was able to turn into one of the main icons of the capital.

 The title “Chetumal, Mexico starts here” was made famous in 2009 when the renowned writer Carlos Fuentes, received a Honoris Causa Doctorate on behalf of the University of Quintana Roo, in his speech he stated” Mexico does not end in Chetumal, it begins in Chetumal. Quintana Roo begins here on this southern border Latin America meets our country.


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