This monument is located on the roundabout that connects calzada Veracruz and the Bay’s boulevard.

 Lazaro Cardenas was the president of Mexico from 1934 to 1940, and headed the reincorporation of Quintana Roo as a federal entity on January 16th 1935. Among his actions as governor, the agricultural reform, the creation of farming cooperatives, the nationalization of oil industries and the asylum that was offered to the Spanish exiles during the Spanish civil war stood out.

 His campaign slogan is carved into the base of this monument “ If the popular vote favours me, I promise to reinstate the federal state of Quintana Roo”. The sculpture shows a man standing tall and looking toward the horizon, the geographical form of Quintana Roo is carved into the base.

The monument is surrounded by a plaza, useful for receiving visitors and celebrating different ceremonies, among which the states 80th anniversary as a federal entity.



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