The monument dedicated to miscegenation is located at the entrance of Chetumal and announces the beginning of the states capital. Built upon a pyramid shaped base in the Mayan style, you can see Gonzalo Guerrero accompanied by his family.

 History dictates that after the shipwreck of a Spanish ship and the violent encounter with the indians that inhabited the current state of Quintana Roo, only two Spaniards were able to survive; Jeronimo de Aguilar and Gonzalo Guerrero. Even though the first was unable to adapt to the Mayan culture; Gonzalo Guerrero, on the other hand, married Zazil Ha, the daughter of the Mayan cacique; and formed a family with her. The children that they gave birth to would be the beginning of the miscegenation and thus Gonzalo Guerrero would be known as the father of miscegenation.

 When Cortes interviewed the two spaniards and invited them to fight with him in the conquest of Mexico, Jeronimo de Aguilar accepted without delay while Guerrero preferred to stay with his family and fight with the Mayans.

Originally the monument was located on the 186 Highway; but was moved to its new location in order to greet visitors and Chetumal visitors.


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