The monument was built in Chetumal as a memorial to the tragedy caused by hurricane “Janet” in 1955, it marked a new era for the city, which was considered reborn after the great disaster. Located in front of Chetumal boulevard, a great structure stands, a woman who represents hurricane “Janet” holds in her arms a newborn child, alluding to the renaissance of the capitals society after this deadly disaster.

 On the sides of the monument you can see representations of the inhabitants that were lost and homes that were destroyed. You can also find the “flying house” which is said to have been lifted and deposited in another area of the city and the lamppost that was run through by a piece of wood which was flung by the incredible winds. Without a doubt, the tragedy wrought by hurricane “Janet” contributed to the rest of the republics awareness of Chetumals existence, which at the time was a small, remote, calm part of the Federal Territory of Quintana Roo.

 Due to the over confidence and optimism of the Chetumal people, they procrastinated taking the necessary emergency measures tragically. When “Janet” approached the bays water it began to pull back from the coast, a phenomenon observed with surprise and incredulity by the population which was later taken down by the same waters which rushed back in waves that were over 10 meters high, dragged by winds that blew at more than 265 kph.

 When the devastating fury of “Janet” passed, it left in its wake 87 dead, among them 49 children and many missing people. However, today the Renaissance Park is a place of tranquility with beautiful gardens and at its center is the grand sculpture. It is surrounded by restaurants, shops and a hotel, the main boulevard is just a few steps away.

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