Upon Heroes Ave you can observe a monument known as “La Chetumaleña”, where the sculpture of a thin woman wearing the traditional dress of Chetumal can be found.

 The dress she wears is one of the most recognised at a national level, it became famous in 1981 when the representative of Quintana Roo won first prize for traditional clothing in a Miss Mexico contest. The winner was based on a reinterpretation of the design made by the anthropologist Ramon Valdiosera Berman in 1959.

 It was said that Ramon Valdiosera Berman was a designer and an anthropologist and that he was the one that created the dress that the “Chetumaleña” wears. Carmen Ochoa de Merino, the wife of the then governor Aaron Merino Fernandez ( 1958-1964) was the one that acquired this service. Valdiosera Berman was inspired by the small prehispanic figures called “ women of the Jaina island” , these figures show us the clothing traditionally worn by noblewomen.

 In the beginning the dress had only one shape that was inspired by Mayan architecture but as time went by images that represented the Mayan culture in Quintana Roo were added such as the mask of Kohunlich in front and the descendant god of Tulum on the back. The dress is complemented with a crown of flowers and flashy figures that can be painted or embroidered by hand



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