The Megasculpture is located right on the Chetumal Bay area on top of an artificial island which can only be reached via a bridge, it is approximately 50 meters high and is made of iron and concrete. Though it is yet unfinished, it is astonishing to look at. The structure was conceived to become a point of reference for the city.

 This great work was being made by Sebastian, the sculptor, he began in 2004, while Joaquin Hendricks Diaz was governing ( 1999-2005), more than 120 million pesos were invested, while during the governorship of Felix Gonzalez Canto (2005-2011) more than 34 million pesos were invested.

 The original project was named the Mexican Miscegenation Monument and would hold a museum, a planetarium, aquarium, party hall, restaurant, commercial area, expo area, three elevators and the main gazebo with telescopes in order to appreciate the states capital. However, due to the lack of resources to continue the construction, the conclusion of the masterpiece was interrupted and left to deteriorate over the years in the bad weather.

The current government of state has recently announced the rescue of this construction in order to convert it into a museum, which will also have a shopping are and a cafeteria. It is now hoped that in june the work on the “Museo de la Bahia” ( Bay’s Museum) will be started, for which there is a budget of approximately 100 million pesos.

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