This one of a kind museum covers the Mayan Culture from the Classic to Post Classic periods, with replicas on display that represent this culture which evolved in Chiapas, Mx., all the way to Guatemala. The museum also has models of the different styles of architecture, stele, jewellery, paintings, multimedia representations and interactive machines that bring us closer to the Mayan culture.

The permanent hall is divided in 8 main sections, each of which have a specific theme. The first section speaks of the Mayas, their history and the way in which they spread through Mexico, Belice and Guatemala. The second hall mainly focuses on their interaction with nature, such as the sea and mountains.

The next section offers information about mayans and the commerce that they established in their sphere of influence. Their economic activities include hunting, agriculture among others. The fifth section explains the relationship between the mayans and the world from their point of view.

The next section is one of the most interesting, it explains the sciences that were developed by this civilization, from the development of their calendar, their understanding of astronomy, their writing system to mathematics. The seventh concentrates on the relationship the mayans developed with other populations such as the toltecs, the teotihuacans, etc. The eighth and last section explains the disappearance of the mayans and their encounter with the Spanish conquerers and the prophecies made by the Mayan priests about these events and the end of the world.

The main hall is divided into three thematic levels: The sky, the earth and the underworld, can be traversed with a guide if you wish, without any additional charge.

The Museum of Mayan Culture has 4 exhibition halls ( with special exhibitions of local, national and international artists) with no cost. A book store, artesanal shop and a lecture hall.

Visits to the Permanent Hall
If you wish to visit in a guided group you have the option to program your visit ahead of time in order to ensure the date and time you wish to visit are available, walk ins will be subject to availability. Tours last approximately 50-60 minutes

9 a.m – 7 p.m Tuesday-Sunday
9 a.m – 2 p.m ( Guided tours)
9 a.m- 5 p.m (Shop hours)

Visitors (Foreigners) $64.00
Adults (Nationals) $27.00
Preferential (Children, Teachers, Students and members of INSEN with current credentials) $13.50
Sunday: Entrance is free for state inhabitants with official state identification.
Entrance is free to the temporary expos.


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