The magic of the cosmos; majestic constellations, galaxies, planets and the immensity of outer space such as were perceived by the Mayas over four thousand years ago during their astronomy studies. You can discover all of this and more at the Yook’ol Kaab Planetarium.

 In their observatory, which has a capacity of 28 people, their independent telescopes and their two main lunar and solar telescopes, allow you to presence the most astounding astronomical events: eclipses, comets, and blood moons among many others. All of the events within the observatory are transmitted on screens for the enjoyment and safety of the spectators, whether it be during the nocturnal event or the splendor of the king astro.

 The nocturnal observatory is available from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm depending on the celestial event (Please check event times). For special events; whether they be eclipses, comets or any other, an evening is programmed in which the time tables are extended. It is important to mention that the visibility depends on the climate conditions.

Another way to come close to the marvel that is space is through the Projection Hall, which has space for 95 people and has a “Digi Star 4” projection system and a 12 meter dome with Full Dom format, which makes for an incredible trip through 20 different films including documentaries, trailers and many short films. To enhance the experience and make it interactive, it is possible to play a part in these moments using a Kinect.

You may also enjoy the Audiovisual Hall in which you may find an an array of audio and visual pieces that portray the formation of planets, technological advances and some astronomical findings. This hall also has a number of temporary expos on a regular basis.

 You can enjoy this diversity of experiences offered at the Yook’ol Kaab Planetarium on a tour with one of the guides without any additional cost or through a special group tour designed for schools. There is an interactive workshop designed for their learning.
Coming soon: Interactive Water Museum ( CAPA)

Children less than 12 years old: $20, Adults: $35
Elementary school groups: $15
Middle school groups: $20
Highschool groups: $25
Reservations for groups and information on the Auditorium ( special events) conferences of up to 190 people.

Lic Evelin Gonzalez Gongora
Tel: (983) 11 80 3 39

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