Payo Obispo Zoo allows us to experience a unique connection between nature and the regions culture. This relationship is represented by two ecosystems: wetland and tropical rainforest, allowing for a thematic experience in a natural environment with the most distinct features of the meso american corridor, recreating its humidity, temperature and light conditions.

You will find the Great Lake, wetland grotto, mayan bass, Tropical Forest Interpretation Center, river houses, hanging bridges, plazas with restaurants, bathrooms and great recreational services.

Its 11 hectares of surface are covered in vegetation typical of the rain forest, mahogany trees, ceiba with heights of up to 15 meters.

The zoo has an interesting collection of butterflies, reptiles, birds, and mammals that can be found within the region and around the world. The zoo’s layout allows the visitor to observe each animal up close through the numerous observatories that are designed so that one can have an almost palpable interaction with the species surrounding while maintaining a safe environment for them.

The park has a well being program for the animals, in which specialists work together to help with conservation, reproduction, and well being of the animals through games and training techniques.

The Payo Obispo Zoo participates in spreading environmental conservation to young and old through different activities such as:

School conferences, Workshops, Summer classes, Guided tours, Cultural events and Cultural Activities

Cultural events
Sundays: Cultural events on their stage ( dance, music, art exhibitions etc), feeding the crocodiles, fishes or guacamayas.

Among its attractions are the aviary, the jaguar enclosure, an educational hall, a petting farm, a green house, Monkey Island, zip lining, boats, games, horse back riding and a train. You may also enjoy a guided tour of the zoo. Gratuities appreciated

10 a.m – 5 p.m (Wednesday- Sunday)

Under 3 years of age do not pay, 3 to 11 years $5.00, 12 and older $20.00
Alternative entries
30 PET bottles per adult
20 PET bottles per child

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