The name Zazil means light or clarity in Mayan due to the fact that the park is surrounded by life however the majority of its inhabitants refer to it as the ecological park. The park opened in 1993 and has since then provided a place for recreation and relaxation.

 The 2 hectares offer approximately 200 species of vegetation besides the wild fauna that border each of its sidewalks such as turtles, ducks, and reptiles. I one of the large lakes located in the park there lives a large alligator of approximately 2 meters. Besides its tall and frond filled trees, the park also has a garden of medicinal plants, a turtle enclosure, an artificial lake, playgrounds for children, grass huts and a picnic area. In an attempt to preserve the area and protect its numerous species, bicycles and pets are not allowed within the park.

Monday through Sunday from 6 am to 6 pm.

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