$10 Entrance fee
$80 Palapas
$30 Tables
$30 Ice chests


Traditional waters
This is one of the more developed water parks on the Rio Hondo Riviera, fed by the crystalline waters that are born in the same spot, it is surrounded by tall green trees, the infrastructure of the park mixes in subtly with the flora and fauna that surrounds it. It is also one of the more accesible water parks in the area, it is extremely comfortable due to the fact that it offers many services which offer the visitor a pleasant time with their friends an families.

It has palapas (grass umbrellas) at 80 pesos and tables with chairs for 30 pesos also each with an occupation of 5 people. They also offer cabins for a more comfortable stay, prices vary according to the length of the stay. Pets are welcome, with an area exclusively for them so that they too can enjoy their stay at the water park. The water park also allows the entrance of alcoholic beverages with a surcharge of 30 pesos per ice chest.

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How to arrive

By Car: In order to arrive at Alvaro Obregon you must leave Chetumal by the 186 highway going Chetumal-Villahermosa.  Upon arriving at the bridges intersection take the Escarcega/Campeche exit and follow it for about 25 km until arriving at Ucum. From Ucum take a left at the fork in the road ( Ucum-La Union) for about 31 km and you will arrive at Old Alvaro Obregon, ask for the water park and follow the locals instructions.

Public Transportation: Behind the Museum of Mayan Culture in Chetumal, in front of the ADO bus station there are vans that go to Alvaro Obregon or the Union. The cost is approximately $40.00 MXN per person. Don’t forget to ask the driver about your stop before boarding. Departures throughout the day begin at 5 am and end at around 8pm.


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