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Land of vast biological diversity
Calakmul is located to the south east of Campeche about 235 km from Chetumal. The name means “ Two adjacent mounds” because of the existence of two structures that stick out of the jungle. The area measures about 70 km2 and has more than 6000 structures. A unique urban layout took place in Calakmul: there are living quarters and grand ceremonial plazas. In the center there are five architectural groupings united in the middle by plazas.

Nature and archeology meld in harmony to marvel the eyes of its visitors. The site and its surrounding areas have a large quantity of flora and fauna in a variety of species: There are around 86 different species of mammal, 282 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles, 400 species of butterflies and 72 species of orchids. It is, along with the other reservations that surround it, the second largest lung on the planet.

Calakmul was the capital of one of the most influential kingdom in Mesoamerica and one of the two most influential Mayan cities in the 12 century. Numerous studies of hieroglyphs  narrate a constant rivalry between Calakmul and Tikal for an entire century. No other archeological site can report the same number of steles  and thanks to them, the reconstruction of Calakmuls history was possible, as one of the great powers of the region in the classic period of the Mayan culture.

Tips: Use of clothes, comfortable shoes and insect repellent.
If you are arriving in an automobile, it is important to consider that the closest gas station is 100 km away.

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How to arrive

By Car : The archeological site of Calakmul is located in the state of Campeche, therefore you will have to leave Chetumal on the 185 highway Chetumal-Villahermosa and once you reach the intersecting bridge, you must take the ramp denominated “ Escarcega/Campeche”. From this point just continue on the 186 highway for 105 km. Once you have traversed this distance you will then turn left towards Campeche Conhuas- Calakmul Archeological Site and continue for 59 km until arriving.

 Public transportation:It is not possible to reach this area via public transportation, therefore the most comfortable options are car rental or private tour.


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