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The biggest settlement in the lake region
Located in the Bacalar district, 50 minutes from Mahahual, it’s one of the Mayan cities that was just discovered in 1994. It is composed by approximately 70 acres, which account for various buildings that illustrate the wonderful fusion between nature and history. These are distributed structures of different sizes, one of which has been named Grand Basement, Las Vias, and Group II, which includes the tallest building of this establishment. The Grand Basement is considered to be the primary scene where ceremonial activities took place, in one of the stairways access is permitted, and the Monument II was lifted, which apparently was used to mark calendar dates that were related to equinoxes and solstices indicating that it was very probable that this was the beginning of the agricultural period. The Vias Conjunction (Conjunto de las Vias) worked as a residency group, in which in its interior you can appreciate the platforms that were built low which probably supported the room from different types of material.

In Group II, this has not been explored because of the magnitude of the buildings and the pattern of distribution. It is very probable that administrative functions or residential activities took place here. Chacchoben is important because we can locate flora and fauna, like tucans, spider monkeys, and also different types of trees like sopata, fig tree, pepper, cedar and mahogany, among others. You won’t regret experiencing this wonderful archeological site.

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How to arrive

By car:  Take the 186 highway (Chetumal/Villahermosa) and go straight onto the 307  Chetumal/Cancun for approximately 60km until you come to the Pedro Antonio Santos exit, turn left and follow the road for 8 km after which you will find the entrance to the archeological site.

 Public Transportation: Public transportation is unavailable at this time however we highly recommend either renting a car or hiring a guided tour in order to enjoy a more comfortable trip.


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