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A collection of settlements to discover
Kinichna, was named by an archaeologist named Thomas Gann in honor of glifo (sun or day), which is represented in the posterior part of the grand Acropolis (high or biggest city). This compound is located 2 kilometers north of the entrance and is distinguished by a monumental acropolis of three levels and diverse temples. It is Early Classic architecture

These temples have been explored at three levels, and recently a basement was discovered on the first level. Some old findings were discovered in the interior of these buildings and there have been important offerings and burial documentation of symbolic importance from this architectural complex.

 The Acropolis of Kinichna is composed of a series of buildings that are shallow around the plaza, which possibly functioned as a platform for minor temples, or for residential purposes. This temple conserves exterior carvings on the walls with various solar depictions. This is where a lot jade offerings were found. This place is spectacular. The trees that surround it, contribute to the beauty and add to the effect.

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How to arrive

By Car:  Leave Chetumal by the 186 (Chetumal/Villahermosa) highway. Once you reach the bridge with the intersection take the (Escarcega/Campeche) Exit and continue on it for 37km. Once you reach the “Quintana Roo Francisco Villa- Garciano Sanchez” turnoff take it for 25 km ( 30 minutes). The archeological site will be passing the town. Turn right when you see the road sign indicating its entrance. You will drive down a narrow road for abour 5 km before reaching the actual site.

By public transportation: Public transportation is unavailable at this time however we highly recommend either renting a car or hiring a guided tour in order to enjoy a more comfortable trip.


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