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Meet the mysterious masks
Situated on a naturally abundant vegetative area which highlights its beauty and amazing architectural composition. Kohonlich, is famous for its surfaces and buildings. It is a site of great interest due to the variety of architectural conjunctions. This allows us to know many of the diverse aspects of the everyday life and ceremonial life of the ancient inhabitants of this site.

The site is composed by a series of architectural buildings that have ceremonial and residential meaning, some could have functioned as grouping for families of high rank and recognition. The path that travels through the site initiates in the residential complex, associated with the Acropolis, where one can appreciate the conjoined residential buildings that were equipped with banquets, nooks and diverse elements associated with everyday life.

The building of greatest symbolic and ritual importance is the Temple of the Mascarones, built between the years 500 and 600 A.C. Only five “mascarones” survived of the original 8 and were found in the original structure. The Mascarone Building is one of the most visited because it has different levels of monumental structure and still conserves some of the red paint that covered the entire Temple.

The Acropolis, another one of the great conjunctions of the site, also belongs to the residential buildings of the high level. These compounds, that are the most important on this site, are known as the 27 Stairs and Pix’an, supposedly these would have been inhabited by people of high ranking, and on both sides there has been excavations of a palace and residential structural system, in which diverse characters of high ranking were found buried.

Along the path, you can also observe a complex system of rain water, which was apparently an artificial construction to collect rain water to “The Aguada”. The visit to these diverse structures allows us to recognize the development of the architectural tendencies of this site, from the early structures like Peten of the Temple of the Mascarones, to the columns that have murals that mimic the neighboring region Rio back and can be appreciated in a number of buildings. A major characteristic of the Acropolis structures includes diverse stages of construction. The finishing technique in the palaces have distinct markings of Kohunlich. In its surroundings you will find a great diversity of mammals, birds and reptiles that have made this their space by interacting with the architecture of this beautiful important place.

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How to arrive

By Car:  Leave Chetumal by the 186 (Chetumal/Villahermosa) highway. Once you reach the bridge with the intersection take the (Escarcega/Campeche) Exit and continue on it for 40km.  A few kilometers before reaching the town of Nicolas Bravo, take the turnoff to the left and follow that road for 7km until arriving at Kohunlich.

Public Transportation: Public transportation is unavailable at this time however we highly recommend either renting a car or hiring a guided tour in order to enjoy a more comfortable trip.


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