Advetures in the frontier
The farthest point on the Rio Hondo Riviera, about 110 kilometers from the city of Chetumal. A small community at the rivers edge that divides Mexico from Belize and holds one of the most splendid sink holes perfectly apt for adventurous tourists. The “Golden Crocodile” sinkhole exudes adventure from the very moment of arrival, which may be reached  by walking a few minutes from the nearest town. It is found at the foot of a large rocky formation which reaches up to 70 meters full of cracks and roots, it is commonly used as a rappelling because of its natural beauty and wonderful view.

This particular sink hole has a wonderful sunset because of the cliff on its wall, whose effect causes it to look like a reptile with yellow tones; Some of the population speak of the existence of a crocodile with the same colors for which it is also named.

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How to arrive

By Car: In order to arrive at La Union you must leave Chetumal by the 186 highway going Chetumal-Villahermosa.  Upon arriving at the bridges intersection take the Escarcega/Campeche exit and follow it for about 25 km until arriving at Ucum. From Ucum take a left at the fork in the road ( Ucum-La Union) for about 88km you will arrive at the town of La Union.

Public Transportation: Behind the Museum of Mayan Culture in Chetumal, in front of the ADO bus station there are vans that go to La Union. The cost is approximately $60.00 MXN per person. There are 5 departures throughout the day starting at 5 am and ending at 6:30 pm.


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