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Birth place of the miscegenation
Oxtankah was the name given in 1937 by the archaeologist Alberto Escalona Ramos, it was a settlement of pre-Hispanic descent, located north of the city of Chetumal. The name was bestowed due to a large quantity of “ramon trees” (ox in Mayan), that surrounded the site, since the original name of this settlement is unknown. It was the largest and most important pre-Hispanic site in the area of Chetumal; it has a very large construction sequence and some investigators consider that this corresponds to the ancient Chetumal historical tales. Between the years 600 – 300 B.C. the people who inhabited these houses, constructed with materials which would later be included in the Bee Plaza (Plaza Abejas). From this Pre-Classic time (300 B.C. – 150 A.C.), a socioeconomic partnership system was formed, which permitted the inhabitants of Oxtankah to formalize residency and achieve a certain range and level of life.

Later during the Early Classic time (200 – 400 A.C.) this economic structure was stimulated, facilitating the population to accede to a high level of development and prosperity, a situation that maintained itself until the Late Classic time (600 – 800 A.C.). After this time, the city was abandoned; the ancient inhabitants no longer reside in the area permanently and gather exclusively to act out ceremonial rituals. One of the archeological materials which support the theory made by investigators, are the ceramic fragments that were tossed out during everyday life to those who lived in the city and that were found in the interior of the floors on which they lived.

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How to arrive

By car: There are two possible ways of arriving at Oxtankah

The first one is to take Heroes ave towards Calderitas. Upon arriving at the turn about which ports the sculpture named “ El Saxofon”, which is the entrance to the town called Calderitas, take the first exit towards Calderitas center and continue upon this path parallel to the bay for 7km.
The second and easiest way is to take the boulevard toward Calderitas and upon arriving at this town follow the road parallel to the bay for 7 km upon which you will arrive at the archeological site.

 Public transportation: It is not possible to arrive at this destination via public transportation, therefore we highly recommend renting a car in order to make this journey more comfortable or you can also hire a Tour service.



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