Morning Prayer for Every Day

 Morning Prayer for Every Day

Tom Cross

Are you already in the habit of saying a prayer in the morning? If this practice is not part of your routine, there are great reasons to include it. First of all, the Holy Bible makes numerous references to daytime prayer, such as in Mark 1:35. In the passage, it is written: "And rising early in the morning, when it was yet dark, he went out and departed to a deserted place, and there he prayed.

Another reason to pray at dawn is that by doing so you will be showing God that He is the main priority of your day. Nothing can begin without you having your contact with Him. Daniel, Abraham, Joshua, Moses and Jacob even used to get up at dawn to pray, highlighting even more how urgent it was to talk to God.

Above all the reasons to say a prayer in the morning, we find a symbolic reason. In Proverbs 8:17 there is the following statement: "I love those who love me, and those who seek me early will find me.

Morning Prayer for Every Day

If you want prayer to become something routine in your life, there is a prayer that will help you to pray daily after waking up.

"Lord, at the beginning of this day, I come to ask you for health, strength, peace and wisdom.I want to look at the world today with eyes full of love, to be patient, understanding, meek and prudent.Lord, clothe me with your beauty, and may I reveal you to everyone in the course of this day.Amen."

Prayer to do before going to work

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The time between waking up and going to work can be filled by a short meditation. For this, you only need to repeat the following prayer, which will help you throughout the day:

"Good morning, Lord! Thank You for a new day. Thank You because Your compassion is renewed every morning. Great is Your faithfulness and Your constant love, O Lord!

I don't know what will happen today and how much I will do, but you do, so I turn this day over to you.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, Father. Energize me for Your work, for You know how tired these bones are. Awaken me to the wonder of Your salvation and awaken my spirit to the reality of Your work in my life.

Lord, my mind is full of creative ideas, but they are all jumbled. Holy Spirit, come and hover over my mind as You hovered over the waters at creation and make order out of the chaos! Help me to stop struggling and trust that You will give me everything I need today to do the work You have given me to do.

You will be faithful to complete the good work You have begun, and as I enter my day, I declare Your sovereignty over all areas of my life. I entrust myself to You and ask that You use me in whatever way You see fit.

This day is yours.My body is yours.My mind is yours.All that I am is yours.May you be satisfied with me today.Amen."

Quick Morning Prayer

Even if you can only set aside a few minutes to pray in the morning, there is a prayer that will help you exercise your faith:

"Almighty God, you fill all things with your presence.In your great love, keep us close to you this day.Grant that in all our ways and actions we may remember that you see us, and always have the grace to know and realize what you would have us do and give us the strength to do the same; through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen."

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Considering the prayers we have presented, you already have everything you need to connect with God right after waking up. Remember to make prayer a habit to enhance your prayers!

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