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Recommendation| Álvaro Obregón Viejo


October 02, 2015

One more week comes to an end and with this, the opportunity emerges for a couple of days full of possibilities, and of course, the urge to escape from the routine. Because of this, this week we want to recommend you an excellent option to finally go on that little getaway for the weekend, a very beautiful, tranquil destination where you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh, natural environment.

On the riverside of the rio hondo, all along its trail, there are several spots where “balnearios” -natural zones that have been adapted for the people to enjoy without fundamentally altering the environment- have been established, and among all of these, one that really stands out is the one known as Álvaro Obregón Viejo.

Álvaro Obregón Viejo can be found on the way to Ingenio San Rafael de Pucté, on the Ucum-Unión Highway, approximately one hour away from Chetumal, and the entrance fee is really cheap, only 5 pesos per person. Once you’re in the spot, you choose what you want to do; either relaxing next to the stream in a palapa, eating some locally bought snacks, or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the river.

One of the biggest attractions in Álvaro Obregón Viejo is without a doubt the landscaping that you can see there. Since it is located in an area surrounded by lots of beautiful vegetation, it forms very beautiful pictures along with the rocky formations, the running waters, and all the structures the locals have built. Such gleeful images never fail to float the idea of this micro destination being a “hidden paradise”, an idea that isn’t actually far away from reality, considering the fact that despite its beauty and accessibility, Álvaro Obregón Viejo is mostly visited by locals and those who live in the surrounding areas, but it’s very rare to encounter a lot of foreign tourists.

for these and lots of other reasons, Álvaro Obregón Viejo is the perfect destination for a quick getaway that will help you not only to escape the everyday city life, but also to re-connect with nature, with yourselves, and with your friends/family; because with the lifestyle we usually have in the city, sometimes what we need is a little disconnection from everything that makes our heads heavy. Said this, the Tu Chetumal team wishes you to have an excellent weekend exploring and knowing every single detail our region has to offer and we’d also like to remind you that for further information and photographs from Álvaro Obregón Viejo you can check the “Destinations” section on the website, or the app. ¡Until next week, pals!

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