Spiritual meaning of your cat's attitudes

 Spiritual meaning of your cat's attitudes

Tom Cross

It is undeniable how important our pets are to our lives, even more so cats, animals that are so independent and yet show such great companionship. Besides simply being a beloved member of the family, cats also have a strong connection to spirituality, and therefore are faithful guardians of our personal aura.

In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals because they embodied the figure of the Goddess Bastet, guardian of the home, fertility, and love. Even today, some cultures praise cats as amulets of good luck and protection against bad spirits and negative energies in the home environment.

Have you ever wondered what it means when a cat approaches you, or even the explanation of why cats purr? Discover below the spiritual meaning of feline gestures and understand what your cat wants to communicate to you:

Lie on a specific place

The great spiritual sensitivity of cats allows them to perceive accumulations of bad energy present in spots around the house, so when your cat suddenly lies down on a piece of furniture or in a specific corner of a room, know that he is absorbing those vibrations to balance his personal atmosphere.


Many people associate cats with laziness, mainly because they are constantly sleeping. But when sleeping, cats are able to process all the energies filtered throughout the day, and thus are able to restore the strength to continue guarding you and your home environment.


When they are happy, our beloved kitties don't stop purring, do they? But besides expressing happiness, this act is also a way to release physical health benefits to felines! The vibrations emitted calm cats' nervous systems in times of stress. By purring, therefore, your cat is also strengthening himself so that he can continue to take care of you!

Rubbing the face in specific places

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The spiritual meaning of the cat rubbing itself is full of positivity! When your cat rubs its head against parts of the house, it is a demonstration that the environment is peaceful and free of negativity! The same goes for when it approaches and rubs its head against a part of your body: because it senses that the place may become ill, the cat will come to your aid, freeing you from thebad energies that can cause pain!

Get sick

Cats' gift of healing is part of their qualities as protectors and guardians of their owners, however, retaining too much negative energy at once can cause suffering for the felines. A sick cat for spirituality symbolizes feeling overwhelmed, and therefore it is up to us, the owners, to reciprocate all the care and try not to create tense environments for our kitties.

Making signs with the ears

The position of cats' ears also represents their connection to spiritual forces. When your cat's ears are standing up, it means that he is anticipating an event, and is therefore in a state of attention. Or, when his ears are pointing backwards, be careful! Know that he is irritated and wants to be left alone.

Bringing "gifts

Cat owners are often surprised by "gifts" given to them by their pets, such as small dead animals or debris from the street. If your cat brings you one of these unusual gifts, don't be upset! It's a way for them to strengthen their connection with us and to show their love and appreciation for us.

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Besides looking after our well-being, cats also nurture a genuine love for us, and are definitely a blessing in disguise in our lives, so appreciate and love your little protector even more!

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