The Great White Brotherhood

 The Great White Brotherhood

Tom Cross

You may have already received by WhatsApp, or in some other way, a video, text or message to join the light energy and create a vibration of healing, transformation and evolution of the earth plane. If you have not heard or seen the term the Great White Brotherhood, you have had information about enlightened beings called angels, archangels and masters. And you have seen someone appeal,mainly to a guardian angel to protect someone.

The Great White Brotherhood is a hierarchical celestial structure, also known as the Brotherhood of Light, and acts for the evolution of living beings on Earth. It represents the hidden government of the Universe and prevails over all things and all beings to fulfill the Divine Plan.

It is composed of the Elohim, Archangels, Angels, Saints, and Wise Ascended Masters, all ethereal beings, already ascended in the Light (Universal and Divine Flame), who form the armies of God to liberate the Earth from darkness and bring about spiritual evolution. They are connected to the Oneness, the Indivisible of the infinite Universe.

The Ascended Masters are the people who have done great spiritual works in the world, of various ethnicities and of high spiritual degree, who strive for souls to find the path of Light.

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Among them are those called non- Ascended Masters, who could rise, but remain on this plane, with high psychic powers, to complete their mission, forming a link with the cosmic plane.

The beings who form the Great White Brotherhood are in various worlds, various dimensions and various planes, evolving according to their processes, but following the Path of Light and fulfilling the most varied tasks and missions. Some are in the plane of Pure Spirit, others in that of the soul, others in the mental, astral and others in the physical. All are working so that Humanity may assimilate the principles ofuniversal life and a higher mental and energetic dimension than the present one.

The White Brotherhood aims to keep the flame of love, power and wisdom of God (Triune Flame) burning on Earth. It connects through the heart chakra to teach the mysteries of the Creator on our planet and in the Universe, so that the human being reaches higher levels of consciousness, feeling, expands his potentialities and becomes the master of himself. I invite you to get to know aA little more on the subject from reading this article and reflect on what this brotherhood represents for us human beings!

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How did the Great White Brotherhood begin?

The Great White Brotherhood was formed when planet Earth was going through great difficulties, even to stay in orbit. About 300 million years ago, the first two non-materialized root races existed on Earth.

Human beings only emerged in the third race, known as Lemurian, about 18 million years ago, and lived under the domination and violence of extraterrestrial beings, mainly the Exiles of Chapel Hill. Thus, man lost his consciousness of Unity and vibrational frequency, entering into decadence and becoming what we know today as "caveman". They would be left to their ownluck and literally in the dark.

Sanat Kumara, ruler of the planet Venus, experienced in the recovery of worlds, volunteered with the High Council to recover Earth and make it possible for human evolution. He left his planet, accompanied by his wife and 144,000 beings from there, who volunteered to support the mission. They came to Earth to build the sacred city called Shamballa, where today is the Gobi Desert, from wherewould take care of the Earth.

Sixteen million years ago, Sanat Kumara brought his own light and prepared enlightened beings for the recovery of the Earth, the Great White Brotherhood. The color, synthesis of all the others, is synonymous of acceptance and union of the peoples for the cause.

He invoked the Triune Flame (blue - Power; golden - Wisdom; and pink - Love), a vibrational frequency that imprinted in the heart of every human being caused the planet to shine again and begin its evolutionary process. Shamballa is currently on the ethereal plane, but focuses on the Will, Wisdom and Love that guide Humanity to ascension.

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More information about the Great White Brotherhood

With the purpose of making Humanity evolve, the Great White Brotherhood supported mystery schools in Atlantis and Lemuria so that all who wished could have access to the spiritual truths that were taught there. The same happened with the school of Pythagoras, that of Hermes Trismegistus, and that of Qumran, all of which were dispersed or destroyed.

The disciples of these schools and others with the same characteristics continue to be prepared, between incarnations, during sleep to attain knowledge of the Divine Self.

Over time, the Great White Brotherhood founded, by the Ascended Masters, other schools, such as the Rosicrucian (between 1607 and 1616), the School of Theosophy (1875), Agni Yoga (1920), the I AM Movement (1930), the Bridge to Freedom (1951), and The Summit Lighthouse (1958), with teachings that can be learned, even in the absence of these Masters.

The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood have also created schools for the uninitiated, which are the eight most representative religions in the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism.

Each one is related to one of the eight qualities of the mind of God, the eight rays of divine consciousness, also associated with the eight chakras: the crown, the heart, the third sight, the base of the spine, the solar plexus, the throat, the soul, and the secret chamber of the heart.

The existence of the Great White Brotherhood was known from the work of Helena Blavatsky, who traveled the world in search of spiritual knowledge, arriving in Tibet, taken by El Morya Khan (Ascended Master), where she had access to a very ancient wisdom. When she returned to the West, she began to spread it.

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How to study about the Great White Brotherhood?

To know more about the Great White Brotherhood, it is available the site //, a virtual study group, of Teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, called I AM LIGHT.

In conclusion, we can reflect on the fact that we are not alone and there is much to be unraveled by Humanity, which needs to reach another dimension of consciousness that is more spiritualized and closer to the Divine Self.

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Fortunately we can count on Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, a hierarchical organization of enlightened ethereal beings who guide and teach us how to walk the Path of Light, with high universal consciousness and love.

Whether through religion, philosophy, knowing an Ascended Master's school, or reading, access information about the mysteries that intrigue Humanity. There is a good reason why they are among us!

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