A collection of settlements to discover
Another great urban settlement developed between 200 and 800 Ad can be found close to Kohunlich.

This region is made up by four separate architectural groups: Dzibanche, Kinichna, Lamay and Tutil, of which the first two are open to the public. The Temple of Lintels can be found in Dzibanche and is made up of a base with ornamental bodies and a slope. Thanks to the calendar inscriptions found in this temple the name “ Dzibanche” was given which means “writing upon stone”. 

At Kinichná –second section of this collection- 2 Km north of the main zone, draws attention the monumental acropolis, which has three different levels and many temples distributed throughout the place, which is characteristic of the early Classic architecture. Its name was given by an Irish archaeologist named Thomas Gann when he found the stucco element with the glyph representation of the sun, located on the posterior part of the acropolis.

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Dzibanché Gallery

Kinichná Gallery