Meet the mysterious masks

You may find Kohunlich approximately 60 km away from Chetumal surrounded by the wide array of vegetation that makes up the rainforest among which the palm tree is predominant; this Mayan city flourished in the years 600 to 900 AD although its history goes back as far as 200 AD.

Known for its elaborate water system that extended to all of its buildings. The most important structure is the Templo de los Mascarones ( Temple of the Masks), one of the most emblematic in all of Quintana Roo. It is believed that the Masks of almost two meters in height represented the sun god Kinich Ahau. In the Stella Plaza you can find the Palace of the Stella, the Granary and The King. There is also a series of residential buildings of about 27 steps and the Pixa’an Complex, where many burial sites were found. You can visit an entire Mayan city and appreciate the different architectural styles Peten and Rio Bec for example.

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