A fascinating civilization

Dare to discover the depth of one of the most ancient civilizations in the country, immerse yourself in this museum of mayan culture in the city of chetumal. ITs main hall is dedicated exclusively to the Mayan culture and has three levels that allow a tour of the cosmopolitan world of the pre hispanic mayans, life on earth, the underworld and the celestial world that always existed around Yaxche, a tree that is sacred to the Mayans. They also play ambience noise in the form of local animals, birds, howling monkeys etc which make this museum a perfect place to immerse yourself into the ancient Mayan culture. The tour lasts approximately one and a half hours when accompanied by a guide. The museum exhibits objects from every Mayan period:

  • Statues and objects from the Classical, Pre Classical and Post Classical periods.
  • Vases made of stone and funeral objects.
  • Statuary, paints, and furniture
  • Statues of kings and personages.
  • Jewellry, miniatures and other objects.

In the garden adjacent to the museum there are reproductions of actual Mayan living quarters with their distinct traditional elements. Besides that they offer an area for temporary expos and generally present works from local, national and international artists.

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Mayan Culture Museum Gallery