Birth place of the miscegenation

You may find this site just 15 km away from the city. The original name of this settlement is unknown, in 1937 its name was given by Alberto Escalona Ramos. Oxtankah can have three different meanings: “between three towns”, “three neighbourhoods” or “ place surrounded by summer trees”.

Oxtankah is the largest pre hispanic city that has been discovered on the bay of Chetumal. The first Mayan groups resided in Oxtankah around 600 A.D, staying there until 1100 A.D. The main area was made of ten plazas and two patios surrounded by buildings, over thirty isolated structures and one grotto.

However, size is not the main reason that Oxtankah stands out among other archeological sites. Along with its surrounding areas, chultunes ( deep wells with a wide cavity to hold fresh water), halls, plazas, temples, a cenote (natural sinkholes) that was accidentally found after a blast of dynamite, and the dense vegetation, is an experience worth living. Although it may lack the majesty of other archeological sites on the peninsula,  you can however immerse yourself in the areas magic and mystery, you can almost visualise the casts in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings, taking only what was necessary to live relatively comfortable and well organised.

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