Getting to know the magic of the cosmos

The Yook’ol Kaab planetarium allows us to observe all the magic of the cosmos, the stars, galaxies, planets and the rest of space the same way the ancient Mayans did thousands of years ago in their famous astronomical studies, which according to experts, possessed a surprising accuracy. Among the different attractions offered by the planetarium there is the nocturnal observatory which is open on evening when there are celestial events ( check the scheduled events) , independent telescopes, a lunar telescope, a solar telescope, a projection room with space for up to 96 people with an advanced projection system and sound system on which many movies, documentaries and short films are presented.

Show schedule: Tuesday trhough friday 18:00 Hrs. / Saturday and sunday: 12:30, 15:30 and 18:00 Hrs.

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Planetarium Gallery

Planetarium Gallery