In 2014 the Coconut Fair was celebrated for the first time and the results were so good that a second edition was organised for 2015. More than 60 local producers participated, specialists from the Coconut Investigation Center of Yucatan, the National Institute of Forest, Agricultural and Livestock Rearing Research, artisans, industrialists, restauranteurs and producers, even producers and authorities from Belize participated.

 Many gastronomical activities took place in which the coconut was the main ingredient, many difference conferences about the diverse characteristics of this fruit were organized along with the presentation of many local musical groups, States Folklorico Ballet, and the Municipal Ballet.

 The Coconut Fair has promoted primary and secondary sectors due to the fact that not only is the raw meat of the fruit used but new uses for its fibres have been found.

The Coconut Fair took place in the Manatee Villas parking lot on the bay’s boulevard.

What is the goal?
The reactivation of coconut production the the southern part of the state, creation of a more dynamic commercialization, connections for the distribution, and to create a more positive impact on the states economy.

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