Every year on the 15th of September, the tricolor flags, the “adelitas”, the “charros” and numerous other expressions of the Mexican culture are part of the huge celebration that is the anniversary of the Independence of this country.

 People gather in front of the Governors Palace and fill the Flag Promenade, and are witnesses as the Governor of State stands upon the platform and shouts out the Cry of Independence. Before this, the municipal president of Othon P. Blanco reads the “ Sentimientos de la Nacion” ( Sentiments of the Nations), a document that was exposed for the first time by Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon on the 14th of September of 1813 in Chilpancingo, Guerrero. This document is considered on of the most important political documents in Mexican politics, it is a compilation of the ideas that were the foundation of the War for Independence.

 Those present on the 16 of September in 1810 began the war for Independence when the priest by the name of Miguel Hidalgo gave the “Cry for Dolores”. This historical gesture finished on the 27th of September 1821, 11 years after the triumphant entrance of the Trigarante Army, headed by Agustin Iturbide and Vicente Guerrero in Mexico City.

 The main goal of this social and armed movement was to liberate our land from the Spanish reign and that every corner of the Colony forget the concept of viceroyalty. The inhabitants of Chetumal take advantage of this day in order to eat pozole and local food from the numerous stands that are put up. Traditionally different cultural events take place such as the folkloric ballet, mariachis and guest presentations.

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