What is Expofer?
Expofer is the most important fair on the southern border, and in the year 2014 it celebrated its 40th anniversary from the 17th of October until the 2nd of November.

Each year a considerable amount of cultural, artistic , recreational and educational activities are organized, it is also one of the most important livestock, commercial, gastronomic, and cultural events in Chetumal.

 Activities and  Attractions
A wide array of concerts  with some of the most outstanding artists at a national level, the ever popular Palenque, horse racing, and theatre presentations in town. There are also rides for people of all ages, among which is the Wheel of Fortune, the trunks, the crazy rat and a roller coaster at accessible prices for the whole family. The choosing of the next Queen of Carnaval is also a traditionally enjoyable event.

 International Fair
The Southern Border is not only a celebration of happiness but it is also an exchange of cultures, receiving  people from over 20 countries in the National Art Fair; artisans mainly from Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Cuba participate. Without a doubt Expofer is an extremely fun cultural event.

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