How to arrive
Arriving at Chetumal is rather easy, being as it is the capital of Quintana Roo, there are many routes and transportation options that may be taken in order to connect to the city from the closest urban area

By Car
From Merida and Cancun the travel times are approximately 5 hours with a distance of 383 km and 379 km respectively, both routes are federal freeways.

From Villahermosa taking the 186 Mexico freeway the approximate travel time is 7 hours with a distance of 575 km.

From the city of Belize taking the Northern Highway, the approximate travel time is 2 hours depending on the border traffic, with a distance of 156km.

By bus
Whether you do not have your own automobile or you just prefer not to drive on unknown roads, the most common mode of transportation between the big cities is by bus. Our recommended options are as follows:

From the city of Merida
Merida, the capital of Yucatan, is approximately 390 km with an approximate travel time of 5 hours. The companies that specialise in the Merida-Chetumal routes are “ Clase Europea” ( European Class) an “Autobuses ADO” ( ADO buses), with a roundtrip cost of $ 440 pesos.

From the city of Cancun
From Cancun to the city of Chetumal, there is a distance of 380 km, a travel time of approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. ADO buses offers a wide range of schedules and buses with approximately 15 departures daily, the price varies but is approximately $360.00 pesos depending on the brand and type of travel ( direct or with lay overs)

From Playa del Carmen
From the ADO terminal in Playa there are approximately 15 departures daily, which provides you with a ride range of time options to choose from, approximate travel time is 4 hours. The price, depending on the bus is approximately $300.00 pesos per ticket.

From Tulum
Another city from which it is easy to reach Chetumal is Tulum, you can take one of 10 daily buses that leave from this destination , another recommendation that is offered to the visitors is to check the possibility of buying their ticket before hand seeing as to how there are special discounts sometimes. The trip from Tulum to Chetumal es approximately 3 to 4 hours and the tickets cost approximately $ 300.00 pesos.

From Carillo puerto
From the town of Carrillo Puerto it is also easy to catch a bus, however it is recommended to plan ahead of time due to the fact that from this location there are only approximately 3 buses daily. The travel time fluctuates between 2 to 2 and a half hours and the cost of each ticket is approximately $150.00 pesos ( varies depending on the bus) For more information and schedules visit the link.

From Belize City
Due to the fact that Chetumal shares a border with Belize, it is raer easy to reach to and from the capital of Belize rather easily on buses that leave from the new market and which have approximately 30 departures daily and a moderate cost of $64.00 pesos to $210.00 pesos.

The city of Chetumal also has an international airport at its disposal, therefore it is possible to arrive via air. There are two airlines that provide their services in Chetumal:

Flights from México city DF- Chetumal leave every day, one at 6:30 am and another at 6:25 pm and return flights from Chetumal-DF at 10:00 am and 5:04 pm. This company also offers connecting flights in case you are planning to visit us from cities such as Monterrey of Guadalajara, these flights will take you from your starting point to Mexico City where you can then catch a flight to Chetumal.

A relatively new service, starting operations on october 15th, 2015. It also has flights to and from México city on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays in the afternoon.

From San Pedro, Belize you can take a ferry with a cost of 55 USD, leaving from San Pedro at 8:15 am and returning at 3:00 pm. This is an excellent way of visiting Chetumal from Central America or of visiting the islands of Belize from Chetumal.

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