“Far from the ocean you can exist, but close to the ocean, you live” says a phrase that describes what it means to live in Chetumal. In this city, located on the southern border of Mexico, tranquility, happiness and natural beauty collide. In fact, living in this city is so unique that there is a traditional song written about it which says“Vivir la vida saberla gozar, vivir la vida al estilo Chetumal” (Live life and know how to enjoy it, live life Chetumal style), in which different daily activities of the inhabitants, such as enjoying beautiful sunsets, are described.

 Life in Chetumal can only be understood when taking into account its bay, where its inhabitants ride up and down the boardwalk in a never ending mill of activity. The people can enjoy beautiful strolls with family, friends or just their pets while taking in the amazing view. The boardwalk is also the epicentre of nightlife, you can find a wide array of restaurants and bars where the young and not so young have fun on the weekends.

 You can also find many points of interest such as the “Explanada de la Bandera” ( Flag Promenade), “Palacio de Gobierno” (Government Palace), “ Congreso del Estado ( State Congress), the new marine terminal, water park, University of Quintana Roo, and an important cultural legacy in a wide array of monuments and parks where families often come together.

 Living in Chetumal can also offer a grand diversity of activities due to its strategic location, it is surrounded by many natural tourist attractions such as “Calderitas,” “ Laguna Guerrero,” and “Laguna Milagros,” which can be found less than thirty minutes away.

Belize’s “Free Zone” is a tax free shopping mecca which is located less than twenty minutes away from Chetumal. Visitors can also try their luck at any of the casinos located on the perimeter.

 Chetumal is also known for its food, where the delicious local cuisine includes “taquerias” ( taco vendors), “loncherias” (diners) and “perros calientes” (hot dog stands) all of which have stood up to visitors from all over the world and are renowned for satisfying any palate.

 Economic activities are prosperous due to the fact that this is a state capital where three governmental powers are situated, a large sector of the population works for the different factions which makes bureaucracy the motor of commercial movement.

There is also a large entrepreneurial movement growing in which hundreds of micro businesses are popping up, some of which are dedicated solely to tourist services and recently transnational companies have generated many job opportunities.

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