A relaxation spot
This beautiful place invites its guests to relax and have a nice time swimming and soaking in the beauty. The waters of this lagoon are calm and a wondrous turquoise blue. Many curious fish live in its waters and will try to get to know its guests. The sunsets bathe the lagoon in a golden light and vegetation frames this landscape worthy of remembering.

Places of interest
There are many restaurants, on the lagoons edge, that specialize in seafood. “ Santuario del Bagre” (Catfish Sanctuary) can be found between two well known restaurants and members of this species can be fed by visitors. These waters can also be enjoyed from the local water park which has a parking lot, public restrooms and many restaurants that may be enjoyed. If you decide to spend the night at the waters edge you will find cabins and camping sites at a great price. Miracle lagoon which has been the stage for may local and national rowing and canoe competitions. This is where the Chetumal rowing teams practice.

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How to arrive

By Car: In order to reach this precious lagoon you must take the Alvaro Obregon avenue towards the city exit, then take the 186 for approximately five kilometers until you reach Huary-Pix. The entrance to the lagoon will be located on your left hand side. Once there you will have to follow the road signals in order to arrive at the lake.

Public transportation:  In the ADO bus terminal located behind the Museum of Mayan Culture in Chetumal, ask for vans going to Huay-Pix, the laguna milagros is only 20 minutes from the city therefore most modes of public transportation can leave you at the city entrance and you will find the lagoon just a few blocks away. The first departure of the day is at 10:40 am and there is one every hour after that. The cost does not surpass $50.00 MXN per person and you just have to hop on a returning transport to make it back.


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