La isla bonita
With a population of 12 400 people, “ La Isla Bonita” is a destination whose main economic activities are tourism and fishing. The official language in Belize is English, however due to the fact that it is inhabited by a mix of races Spanish is also spoken. Tourism is mainly concentrated on the 1.5 km of beach, it also has four unpaved streets located parallel to this stretch of beach. The houses are made of wood and zinc sheets in the Caribbean style and the main modes of transport are golf cars and scooters.

If you plan on visiting the island we recommend wearing light comfortable clothing ( such as sandals, bathing suit, shorts and cotton t shirts) the island of San Pedro offers a large variety of restaurants, souvenir shops, small hotels and tours to the famous Blue Hole.

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How to arrive

By maritime transport: The only way to arrive at San Pedro island is by boat. In Chetumal you must direct yourself to the fiscal docks, which are located close to the Flag Promenade, there is a departure everyday at 3pm returning the next day at 8 am. The price per person is of $1540.00 MXN (round trip) and you will need your passport in order to visit this neighbouring country.


San Pedro Gallery