The Stromatolite Lagoon
Xul-Ha meaning “where the water ends” in Mayan is found on the southern end of the Bacalar lagoon. A ride around the lagoon is an amazing visual experience, it is known as the “Rapids”, the water speeds up due to the narrowing of the canal, which allows the concentration of a large quantity of stromatolites. These living stones are thousands of years old, extremely rare and have been part of an active part of the oxygen generating process the whole time; they exist in very few places around the world.

The stromatolites have established new ecosystems and can be considered the precursors to reefs, they allowed the development of new species over millions of years.

What to do?
This beautiful place is ideal for relaxation and recreation, it has over 20 water parks, villas, palapas, water slides, sun beds, restaurants, boat rides, kayaks, jet skis and bicycles. The admission cost for the water parks varies from 10 to 20 pesos.

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How to arrive

By Car: Take the 186 highway leaving Chetumal go straight which will take you onto the 307 Chetumal/ Cancun highway, about 25 km down this road you will reach Xul-Ha, you can take any of the runoffs on the right in order to reach it.

 Public transportation: The ADO bus terminal located behind the Museum of Mayan Culture, you may ask for vans going to Xul-Ha. The first departure is at 10:40 after which there are departures every hour. Prices do not exceed $50.00 pesos per person and you can return the saw way, however the return bus must be hailed on the main road seeing as to how there is no bus terminal in Xul-Ha.


Xul-Ha Gallery