We receive visitors and take them all over our land, being amazed by it in every tour as if it were the first time, feeling the same thrilling emotion while gazing at the beauty of Bacalar’s lagoon or climbing the highest pyramid in Calakmul to admire the bushy green rain forest. We proudly tell the history of Chetumal, founded between the rain forest and the caribbean sea, the history of Gonzalo Guerrero, spanish military man who joined the mayan culture to lead the resistance during the colonization, the rebellion of our mayan people during the Guerra de Castas and the exportation of chewing gum to the world. We discover in each trip Mahahual’s sea, with the most virgin beaches in the mexican caribbean. Each tour is unique, each visitor is a new friend and ally in the preservation of our history and the conservation of our natural beauty. Come take a tour with us!

¡We offer you the best tours!

  • Magic Bacalar
  • Mahahual
  • Calakmul
  • Chetumal at day
  • Kohunlich
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