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September 25, 2015

Por: José Luis Santillán Bravo

The ones who have been living for a certain amount of time in the capital city of Quintana Roo are aware of the fact that even though it’s a very nice, warm, and tranquil city, it’s also very common to experience seasons where we see ourselves surrounded by sudden rains, irregular winds, and the type of weather that makes us want to stay at home and just enjoy the coolness of the environment with some good food.

For such occasions, and because the city is beginning its low temperature season, the Tu Chetumal team wants to recommend you a great take out food option this week, so you can enjoy it within the comfort of your own place.

It is well known that you can find different sorts of very popular snacks and sweets on the boulevard sidelines. However, it’s not all that you can find. More recently, we found a little food cart that aims not only to satisfying a craving, but also to serve good portions of food with unique style in take out containers.

This local business in development goes by the name “viva la pasta” and it serves, as the title indicates, different presentations of pasta well-packed in compact, easy-to-carry containers. But don’t let yourself be fooled, though the containers may appear small, the content is actually quite enough to satisfy one or (in some cases) two people, since the portions are pretty fulfilling and they’re always accompanied by their respective chicken pieces.

The most popular thing in “Viva la pasta” is the Alfredo pasta, but they also offer different styles (Bolognese, 4 cheese, chipotle), offering also a few that are a little less usual, such as Bahía (chaya), Biscaiola (Mushrooms), and Popeye (spinach), just to make sure you will always find something that suits you. On top of all this, you can also choose what kind of sauce you prefer for your chicken, there are 4 options: BBQ, Jack Daniels, Honey Spicy, and Buffalo; and finally, for those who really love the itallian food style, you can also order some delicious garlic bread.

This is a food cart that exist exclusively on Chetumal at the moment, and it is the product of young entrepreneurs from the city of Mérida, Yucatán. The kitchen is run by chef Victor Dominguez Alcocer and you can find them thursday through sunday from 8 pm to 12 am at Boulevard Avenue between primo de verdad and Guadalupe Victoria to order your to go pasta cube and enjoy it while guarded in the comfort of your own room.

So, this is what we leave you with this week, one more alternative for those free nights, hoping you can always take full advantage of all this little pleasures a beautiful, peaceful city such as Chetumal can bring you 😉

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